Open Water Zone Waterproof Wireless Swimming Coaching Bone Conduction Headset

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Open Water Zone Waterproof Wireless Swimming Coaching Bone Conduction Headset*10 and Transmitter*1 1km Long Working Distance






*Bone Conduction Swimming Teaching Sets H-905A 

*As we all know, it is diffcult to communicate with each other between coaches and trainees under water.

 The coaches must expand their voices to make sure that theycan be heard ,but, actually,swimmers can't hear what they said any more.

 Sometimes,a coach need to train multiple swimmers at the same time in an open water,but swmimmers ' headset can't receive commands 1000m away.

*You will solve those problems by using this wireless waterproof bone conduction technology device .

*By using this bone conduction headset ,a coach can talk to multiple swimmers in an open water at the same time ,and it can be used underwater 10 meters,received signals underwater 1-5 meters.


*1 transmitter can connect 7 different headsets.The coach can choose a frequency to talk to a swimmer.








photobank (2).jpg          Surfingphotobank (3).jpg         Outdoor Water Sportsphotobank (4).jpg     Navy Training





1.Used for aquatic activities, such as naval training, sailing, surfing,underwater exploration and so on
2.Walkie and Talkie can receive signals within 1000 meters
3.Receiving command underwater: 1-5 meters
4.It has 7 different frequncies
5.The headset uses bone conduction to ensure that information is received in a timely manner
6.Talkie and headset can be connected to the same channel for communication
7.Connect to a MP3 player for fun.
8.It can cancel noise when work underwater.
9.It is U-shaped design head clip type, lightweight, and easy to wear



Receive Sensitivity -13DBu
Input Sensitivity ≤200mV
SNR ≥82dB
Distortion ≤0.7%
Ferquency range 60Hz-20KHz
Receive Distance 1000 Meters
Input DC 3.7V
Working Voltage 2.8-4.2V
Speaker Bone Conduction
Battery Working Time 4-6 hours
Volume Adjustable
Charge Time 2.5-3hours
Underwater 10 Meters
Certificate CE,IPX-8

Packing List                                

10* Headphone 

1*Transmmitter and Mic for free
1* Charging Cable 
1* Charging adapter 
1* User Manual




Q1: What is Bone Conduction?
In general, we believe listening to human's voice or the sound of music with ears only.but with this technology, the voice & sound transmitted by bone vibration, described as the bone conducted other words, voice & sound transmitted by air vibrationsor bones and skin vibrations or reach the auditory nerve.  
Q2: Where it can be used? 
--- It's perfectly used in the water or special work environment, such as water sports: swimming, surfing, sailing, even gliding sports and so on.

Q3:What are the advantages?  
1.The most advantages is to let ears absolutely free,even in the high noise condition, you can hear the clear sounds by the use of ear plugs for the protection. At the same time, you can still enjoy your normal conversation and listening to the surrounding sounds without removing the bone conduction speaker. 
2.In case of disable of hearing, you can use bone conduction as a hearing aid. 
3.Perfectly used in the water or sports field.
Q4: Can I buy 1 or 2 pieces only? 
--- Yes, you can.

Q5:How is the waterproof performance of the headphones?
--- Our headphones are specially designed for swimming training and water sports, and the waterproof test has passed IPX10.

Q6: 4.Do they fly off during swimming?
----An:The waterproof receiver easily fits under the swim cap, goggle straps or headband and is designed to stay in position even during starts and turns.
Q7: May I print my own brand or logo, and how to proceed it?
--- Yes, you can. Firstly, artworks for visual confirmation, next sample confirmation.

Q8:What's means of underwater 3-5 meters?
--- When you underwater within 3 meters,you can hear clearly,but with the deepth you diving the frequency are weaker.our production guarantee the normal usage underwater within 5 meters.



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