Amazing Swimming Training Innovation H902 Swimmer Bone Conduction Headset

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Product Description
Model Number
Waterproof , Headphone receiver for swimmers
Bone Conduction Swimming Training Headphone
Coaching Distance
120-200 Meters
Underwater Coaching
200 meters range, 1 meters depth
15 Month
H-902 is a Waterproof Bone Conduction Headset for swimmer during the Swimming Training, SwimTalk can use a FM radio transmitter standing by the pool, talking to swimmer in the water.
Unlimited waterproof H-902 headset with the latest Bone Conduction Technology which are used for swim learners (or athletes), and one efficient microphone also for coach giving commands or encouraging learners. Each transmitter has 7 channels. They would be shown as red, blue, and orange and other colorful light relatively when the button is turning on. Every channel has a range of 120 -200 mts and supports up to unlimited headphone receivers simultaneously.
Due to the unique design of Bone Conduction Technology, the ear canal can remain free, which means it can hear other sounds at the same time. Listening is always perfect even in a noisy, crowded environment!
The product of Waterproof Communication is a better way to improve the efficiency of swimming training without any doubts.


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