Logo Customized Wireless Waterproof Bone Conduction Headset*1 and Talking

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Logo Customized Wireless Waterproof Bone Conduction Headset*1 and Talking Transmitter*1 7 Channels Swimming Efficient Teaching



CoachThe pool is very noisy. How can I clearly let others hear my voice without screaming loudly? Is there anything that can help me control different swimmer groups at the same time?



Swimmer : I cant hear what the coach is saying when Im practicing. Am I doing it the wrong way? Is there a tool to help me hear the guidance in real time when Im under the water?


Yes, there is. Check out on the world's only bone conduction headsets designed for swimming training.




1.What makes it so special?


-- Bone conduction technology:

Our headsets adopts bone conduction technology, which sends sound vibrations straight into the top of your jaw. It doesnt block your ear, so you can hear perfectly fine both under and above the water.


-- It is totally waterproof and can be used 10m underwater. It is designed for swimming training.


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2.Why does it have 7 channels?

Both the headset and the FM transmitter have 7 channels. When they are on the same channel, the coach can talk to the swimmers who stay on this channel, and there is no maximum limit.


3.Why does it use magnetic charging?

We came up with this new idea based on many customers suggestion, which indicates that the charging hole will rust when water accidentally enters. Now with magnetic charging, you don't have to worry anymore.


4.What makes it different from other type of bone conduction headsets?

There are two major changes to H-907. First, you can hear a voice prompt when you press the button. Second, the H-907 frame and bone conduction technology are ergonomically designed to be more suitable for wearing and hearing clear sounds.





Swimming pool, swimming club, swimming class, underwater ballet training






Receive Sensitivity -13DBu
Input Sensitivity ≤200mV
SNR ≥82dB
Distortion ≤0.7%
Ferquency range 60Hz-20KHz
Receive Distance 120 Meters
Input DC 3.7V
Working Voltage 2.8-4.2V
Speaker Bone Conduction
Battery Working Time 4-6 hours
Volume Adjustable
Charge Time 2.5-3hours
Underwater 10 Meters
Certificate CE,IPX-8



1* Headphone 

1*Transmmiter and Mic
1* Charging Cable 
1* Charging adapter 
1* User Manual





1. How long can it work between charges?
-- It takes 2h to fully charge the device and works 3h continuously.

2. What is bone conduction technology?
-- It sends sound vibrations straight into the top of your jaw without blocking the outside noise

3. How does the system work?

-- The coach can use the transmitter to talk to the athletes who wear the headsets. 
They all have 7 channels, which means the coach can talk to several groups of swimmers at the same time.


4.How many swimmers can operate on the same channel?
-- There is no limits.

5.Is it suitable for children?
-- Yes. It is suitable for adults and children. It fits under any type of swim cap. The volume can be adjusted. It is designed according to Ergonomics, more comfortable to wear and hearing is clearer.



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